Questions and Danswers: Equal Pay For Women

Jimmy Fallon sends one of the show’s writers out to the streets of New York to ask people their opinions while dancing and it’s amazing and uplifting ^. 


Some claim that evolution is just a theory, as if it were merely an opinion.

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The only thing keeping me from slipping into a deep depression due to Coachella withdrawals !


Sweet Ophelia (Marian Hill Remix) - Zella Day

Copenhagen is pretty cute !


My love for Christopher Meloni knows no bounds.

it’s 2:30 am and i’m straight up cackling in this hotel room alone


humble beginnings of a life long pizza journey

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A Bit of Fry and Laurie (S02E02)

the best thing that’s come out of my jet-lag-induced insomnia is the discovery of this show. by GOD

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"Tell me all the bad words you know. Go."


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So You’re Young and Having A Crisis


What do you do? You:

-drink wine till 4am, alone in your room watching Youtube videos where Ellen gives stuff away and you cry
-drink whiskey till 3am watching dogs reunite with soldiers or movies you used to watch as a kid, sobbing
-go on a juice cleanse
-go off the juice cleanse, embrace that life is short and eat only burritos for two weeks straight
-buy a six-pack of beer on a Tuesday
-stop texting all your friends and just feel like it is impossible to talk to anybody
-text all your friends and ask them to meet you somewhere, anywhere, dive bar, movies, what are you up to, how have you been?
-refuse to think about your life past the stretch of this weekend
-find that you can only think about your future like you are a shark and you have to keep swimming forever, but swimming is making more and more money
-decide to educate yourself about wine
-wonder about learning a new language
-daydream 24/7
-buy tights that look like thigh-high socks
-wear red lipstick
-wear very dark berry lipstick
-cut your hair all off/get bangs/try a subtle ombre or simply deep condition
-bite your cuticles till you bleed
-stare strangely at your blood like it has betrayed you
-avoid your mom’s questions like “how are you” and simply tell her about the time you made waffles or risotto for a group of your friends
-kiss a stranger, think about kissing a stranger, open up the internet and look for strangers to think about kissing
-resolve to save up money
-accidentally blow the money on sulfate-free shampoo
-continue to blow the money on items for stir fry, sturdier shoes, six books, a subscription to something
-get THIS close to booking travel to Thailand, New Orleans, Spain
-look up costs of living anywhere but here but mostly in Austin
-be snippy
-yep, you take up running or yoga or spin to change the easiest parts of yourself (that are honestly the hardest)
-refuse to schedule doctor’s appointment,s will yourself to never get hurt again
-start taking better care of your skin, except you don’t shower as often
-be barefoot often
-dream in panic attacks
-try to make your bed or pay bills on time or do anything right
-look happier on Instagram than anywhere else
-whenever somebody asks about jobs you burp and change the subject
-decide the only solution is to move somewhere else and buy linen neon scarves and gold rings
-decide you’ve missed your calling as food truck nacho fusion creator, makeup artist, hair goddess, photographer, professional hot dog eater, animal whisperer
-briefly wonder if you can stay in school forever?
-pick up, keep moving, buy garbage bags, be functional, pray for relief

Darkened Figures in Front of Contemporary/Modern Artworks : A Series